Born in the Communist Czech Republic, Stepanka Summer moved to New York City in 1995 at the age of 19, longing for a different life and following her heart. She went from clearing dishes at a café and learning English to a career as a ceramic artist, both making her own art and teaching ceramics at Columbia University-Teachers College. Her ceramic work is represented by Michele Mariaud Gallery in New York City and is exhibited nationally and internationally.

And now an author of “finding treasured gold”

Finding treasured gold is an autobiographical collection of poems and photographs about embracing life’s challenges, discovering and finding gifts and extraordinary beauty in pain, loss, fear, childhood stuttering, two breast cancer diagnoses. These poems are to inspire and help you discover the glimpse of magic we all are. The author takes you on a journey digging deep into layers and layers of mind and body, finding her self in unknown depths, painful unseen unimaginable and hitting the mother lode of golden treasure.